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Look before you leap

Testing Services
We at msg global provide a suite of testing services to ensure that the solution is in a stable state before going live.

SAP solutions gain complexity with business processes, requiring more intensive testing on SAP solutions to ensure coherence from end to end while avoiding implementation revision. Even worse, some faults in SAP solutions often take years to show, requiring even more costs and overhead to resolve and undo the damage.

The following components go into our testing process and capabilities:


Enter msg global Test Services – a suite of testing activities to ensure that sufficient expertise and robust processes support are accessible during SAP solution testing to ensure that your SAP solution is right the first time before rollout.


Test automation for large-scale rollouts

Test automation should be considered for large scale solutions with proper implementation for maximum efficiency.

Test automation design
Robust solutions with multiple test scenarios often require test automation; we at msg global will identify test automation viability in implementation projects or current solutions with planning, preparing, setting up, and coordinating an automated test approach. We also help identify the automation tool depending on requirement. Our testing automation approach runs as follows:


We have a wide range of expertise on the following products:

•    HP QTP
•    SAP eCATT
•    Tricentis TOSCA
•    SAP TAO


Collecting accurate test data

Test data needs to be current and reliable, as this greatly affects the outcome of tests.

Collecting test data
Your test results are only as good as your test data; the more robust your test data, the more accurate your results. We provide the following options in gathering data for the test process:

•    ABAP Custom Development
•    IBM Optim


Increasing test efficiency and reducing TCO with managed services

Testing managed services

Ongoing tests with only short engagement periods may be needed after implementation; setting up a dedicated team for a fixed period to perform activities such as test system creation, test data input, and test runs may not make much sense. Testing Managed Services is a model that allows ad-hoc assistance in various testing activities, reducing operation overhead.




Integrating testing strategy with the solution implementation roadmap to maximize results and efficiency

Establishing a testing strategy

Our testing experts will evaluate the current implementation project or solution to come up with a streamlined process in prioritizing the aspects of the solution to be tested. This ensures that testing focuses on what is needed to complete testing in a timely fashion. Drawing up a strategy takes the following into account:

•    Timeline and effort
•    Planning and coordination
•    Methodology
•    Roles and responsibilities

Our proven roadmap approach for implementing testing together with ASAP implementation:




Selecting test tools to match the solution

Test tools need to be evaluated and selected according to the requirements of the implementation or solution.

Providing test tools
A multitude of factors come into play in selecting testing tools – solution blueprint, solution complexity, integration requirement and budget to name a few. We ensure that the priorities of the project are factored in when deciding on which testing tool we will set up and integrate in preparation for testing.
Our main focus lies on the following tools:

•    HP QCM
•    Tricentis TOSCA
•    SAP TAO