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All commision relevant information in one place

The SAP Incentive and Commission Management (FS-ICM) for Insurance application can accelerate time to market by providing an efficient rollout of incentive models. It can improve profitability via rule- and value-based incentive calculations and broaden your distribution channel partnerships throughout the partner life cycle. Strong analytics functionality can improve business decision making.

The application helps you offer appropriate sales incentives and provides a robust analytics platform with the business intelligence you need to optimize sales force performance and reduce costs. By providing compensation information that is more granular and timely, the software can help you better understand and actively manage operating costs. It can help you implement strategies for multiple channel distribution and sales management – using a variety of remuneration plans. You can calculate all types of commissions and incentives – including full and partial commission paybacks – for all your lines of business. FS-ICM can manage both standard and individual contracts in addition to commission calculation by distribution channel.