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Optimize your SAP environment with best-practice integrated SAP Financials

SAP Financials are the corner stone in a software implementation – no matter what any other SAP or non-SAP systems send as output, your SAP Financials data must be accurate, traceable, and contain the right level of detail.

Benefits of implementing and optimizing SAP Financials with msg global
We have been working together with SAP on developing a best practice for SAP Financials, combining top knowledge from other modules with top knowledge in SAP Financials to give you the following benefits:

•    Fast and low-cost implementation of SAP Financials
•    Fast and low-cost connection to other systems, SAP and non-SAP
•    Fast and low-cost implementation of FS-CD
•    Fast and low-cost country-specific implementation of FAM
•    Templates supporting the actual reporting requirements of most
      European countries are available, and will be supported by
      msg global to cover changing legal requirements

Among many others, the key results will be:

•    Reduced closing times
•    Maximum possible audit trail and compliance to regulations
•    Reduction in accounts receivable with better credit management
•    Lower costs in interfaces to other systems and reporting tools