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Internet-based reinsurance process management with WebXL (Effisoft)

msg global considers WebXL the ideal solution to cover reinsurance administration needs for small and medium sized insurance and reinsurance companies. In partnership with Effisoft, in the last years msg global has been implementing WebXL in a number of occasions all over the world.

Within ten years, WebXL has become a powerful software package for insurers (cedents), reinsurance brokers and reinsurers, and supports most aspects of reinsurance operation processing, front and back-office, life and non-life.

Since 2004, WebXL has been implemented in Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Israel, Australia, Ivory Coast, Italy, Singapore, Ireland, and Bermuda; WebXL manages reinsurance in around a hundred and fifty legal entities in twelve countries and four continents.

WebXL also supports certain reporting functionalities alongside effective management – standard reporting covers contract, technical accounting, profit and loss, and various statistical reports; the package also supports ad-hoc reporting and extraction for export to Excel.

How your company benefits from WebXL:

  • Financial control improvement, particularly in claim recoveries
  • High value-added information (reinsurance cost by product or class of business...). Some of our clients can integrate the cost of reinsurance into the pricing of insurance products; others can accurately allocate reinsurance costs to profit centers
  • Audit trail for transparency throughout the reinsurance process
  • Proven technology for immediate development of new applications
  • Simple maintenance and update potential
  • Real-time process completion support, even in highly complex reinsurance calculations
  • Centralization or decentralization in the target technical system