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Professional reinsurance business administration

Like other financial sectors, the reinsurance sector currently faces challenges hindering core business development. Lack of real-time global view of profitability in various lines of business at various locations all over the globe represents a key issue for global players. Insufficient automation support for administering and managing the complex reinsurance business in every process area is another common issue, not to mention all the difficulties in keeping up with an increasingly global regulatory environment affecting every aspect of reinsurance.

msg global provides a unique industry competence in all areas of reinsurance

Our msg global reinsurance Competence Centre has a long history of supporting the reinsurance industry; in our experience, rationalizing an IT landscape often plays an essential role in consolidating, stabilizing and preparing for new business challenges, often requiring versatile IT systems to reflect new business changes on the fly.

SAP FS-RI as the worldwide reinsurance standard system

Our SAP FS-RI (Financial Services Re-Insurance) software package is the de facto industry standard application in managing reinsurance processes, and leads the market with more than thirty successful implementations around the world. SAP FS-RI is suitable for both professional reinsurers and primary insurers; the software covers every reinsurance process, and fully integrates into the SAP for insurance landscape from policy management system (SAP PM) to General Ledger via the FS-CD and SAP BI modules.

We at msg global have been developing the FS-RI product for SAP. We have more than a hundred specialists at our development centre in Passau (Germany) dedicated to product development and maintenance.
Our in-depth knowledge in the FS RI product has allowed us to develop some additional components that provide excellent value added in specific areas:

  • the msg.LRM module covers all the specifics of Life business
  • the msg.XDI module supports electronic information exchange using market standards such as those published by Acord
  • the msg.Reporting module accelerates and streamlines reinsurance reporting implementation, focusing on performance and scope-optimized extractors. Its redefined objects make it easier to prepare reports linking info from various modules such as FS-RI (Basic System), RM (Risk Manager), FS-CD, and FS-BP (Business Partner)
  • the msg.PI module facilitates interfacing between the reinsurance module and primary systems other than SAP FS-PM (Policy Management)