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Product Analysis Workbench for reliable product calculations

Our JAVA-based Product Analysis Workbench (PAW) provides an internationalized integrative platform for various portfolio-based projection calculations such as:

•    Product pricing
•    Profit testing
•    Solvency II modeling
•    Embedded value calculations
•    Sensitivity analysis
•    Migration of product rules

PAW features a user-friendly graphical user interface, and integrates the essential product configuration of the product management system msg.PM to leverage flexibility in product modeling along with the proven reliability and performance of the msg.PM.Runtime component.


  • Optional connection to tables in databases (oracle, DB2 and MS SQL) and/or MS Excel for importing data and storing results
  • Gathering products to be analyzed based on imported product      configurations
  • Flexible assignment mechanism for connecting different portfolio and product compositions
  • Optional simulation mode for stochastic projections or
    projections in time
  • Optional filtering mechanism for analyzing parts of the portfolio
  • Optional assumption definition and modeling for variations in product and calculation behavior
  • Visualization of calculation results and availability of entire
    result data
  • Various tools for results analysis and comparison
  • Import from MS Excel for reference results
  • Multilingual interface

PAW – Displaying analysis results in the context of product conversion