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Efficient Product Lifecycle Management

Insurance companies face constantly increasing competitive pressure to bring their products to market as fast as possible, while cutting costs to a minimum; we support companies in process and optimization and standardization from the drawing board to final launch with our in-depth knowhow and the msg systems Product Lifecycle Process (PLP) reference model for insurers.

The PLP process model spans a uniform process that maps each stage of development with decision points and milestones in your product's life cycle, serving as a prerequisite for centralized product configuration and release management based on the msg.ProductManagers (msg.PM) and the Product Analysis Workbench (PAW).

You can benefit from reduced development and maintenance costs by streamlining your processes and milestones, rationalizing your responsibility structures, and reusing standard product components. This significantly decreases product complexity, shortens time-to-market and speeds up earnings generation, while improving risk management and ensuring that compliance standards are kept.