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Re-usage of building blocks with the standard product engine msg.PM

A high-performance product management system, msg.ProductManager (msg.PM) will support your financial services or insurance company throughout the entire product lifecycle, from drafting and creating new products to testing and maintaining products and their operative use.

Insurance companies and financial providers face serious challenges in today's highly competitive market with heavy demand for new, attractive products at ever-decreasing time intervals and prices; msg.ProductManager (msg.PM) provides a modern high-performance tool to help you meet these challenges and secure that competitive edge.

msg.PM is a standardized end-to-end package with an intuitive graphical user interface that uses a uniform system and integrated processes for the entire insurance product lifecycle from initial draft to operative usage. The system stores your entire product know-how, including product rules and calculation logic, in a central structured product definition system – a core advantage of msg.PM, saving you time and costs while improving quality by avoiding misguided development. Standardized interfaces give you a flexible connection to almost any common market application system.


msg.PM comes with a complete development environment (msg.PM.Designer) for designing and maintaining insurance products, as well as a reliable runtime environment (msg.PM.Runtime) for operative product usage interfacing to other systems.