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Define your Mobile Strategy and Roadmap

Mobility is one of the fastest growing areas of IT innovation. Mobile solutions have a direct impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes for customers, employees and management alike. msg global helps insurance companies to develop, implement and support sustainable mobile roadmaps for the future.

The mobile technology market is characterized by an enormous potential for innovation and a continuous double-digit annual growth rate. In 2011, nearly 500million smartphones were sold. Apple and Google each claim over 500,000 apps in their stores. The experts agree that this is just the beginning, since the development of mobile solutions is getting easier and the technology of smartphones and tablets continues to become more innovative, having a positive impact on the functionality of mobile solutions.The majority of insurers have already released various mobile solutions for consumers, management, employees and business partners.

Corporate consumer solutions: Mobile solutions for consumers are typically designed to provide direct services and information, such as claims assistance or a quick mobile quote, and are available for a variety of mobile devices and operating systems. In the future, companies will offer more convergent solutions with multiple services and functions combined in a single app.

Employee & partner solutions:
Mobile access to email, calendars and business information to support daily business is highly valuable – especially to mobile employees and business partners, such as sales teams or brokers. Mobile solutions for employees focus especially on mobile access to all relevant backend services, such as CRM, ERP and sales support apps.

Management solutions: The greatest focus of management solutions - in addition to business solutions - is mobile tablet apps to provide up-to-date performance dashboards for sales and fi nancial data. When planning to develop mobile solutions, it is important to pursue a mobile strategy that includes technology, processes, services and target groups.

Benefits of mobile roadmaps

A mobile roadmap aligns your business strategy with innovative mobile technology and services. A mobile roadmap helps to:

• Prioritize mobility budgets
• Define mobile technologies
• Increase business agility
• Reduce costs with reliable data collection
• Improve mobile infrastructure
• Enhance employee productivity
• Analyze customer requirements
• Increase customer satisfaction


Our consulting services

A roadmap for mobility is closely linked to the individual requirements of the stakeholders, target groups, technical infrastructure and business processes, as well as the business strategy of the insurer.

To define a sustainable mobile strategy and roadmap for the future, msg global offers a mobile roadmap based on the analysis and assessment of the existing mobile solution landscape and technical infrastructure.

Phase 1: In Phase 1 we perform an analysis of the current mobile environment, including the:

• Mobile solution landscape
• Target groups (internal & external)
• Supported types of devices
• Technical infrastructure (MDM, mobile platform etc.)
• Supported processes
• Existing application landscape (integrated backend systems, servers etc.)

Phase 2: Following the analysis phase, the mobile solution requirements are discussed with the appropriate stakeholders in order to understand all current and future needs for mobile solutions and services, in alignment with company-wide business strategy.

Using the results of the first two phases, a mobile roadmap is defined and recommendations are made based on our assessment, input from stakeholders and best practices. This roadmap includes a checklist with a description of use cases, features and business benefit to prioritize all mobile issues. The roadmap is developed to be a living document that can always be adapted to accommodate new innovations in mobile technologies.

Time line: In order to define a sustainable mobile strategy, it is necessary to conduct a consulting project lasting several days to a few weeks. This project includes all phases and workshops with the stakeholders, as well as the presentation of the roadmap.