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Primary Insurance Life & Pensions

Life and pension carriers need to understand the global picture in this changing world, while business conditions and statutory regulations force actuaries towards closer observation of mainstream risk mitigation.

To advance your business, insurance companies need to ensure best quality products and services to serve evolving customer habits.

SAP for Insurance supports business growth while maintaining actuarial and process-related distinctions, empowering your business users and management with sales, policy, claims and financial information and operational reports  while helping you to respond to market changes after adopting our best practices insurance product and global process templates.

Your investment in SAP for Insurance is only justified if proposed benefits are recognized; to address this, our business realization management principles support key products and processes in achieving sustained success.

We at msg global solutions help you to:

  • Identify key business drivers and needs
  • Support value engineering and business transformation by introducing solution governance and establishing a business process-driven approach
  • Design and develop your business domain architecture in addition to realizing your entire insurance product life cycle services
  • Operationalize and orchestrate your business needs in a globally oriented SAP for Insurance solution
  • Implement Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution solutions