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Streamline business processes with workflow management

Modern business processes are becoming increasingly complex, yet results have to be produced in shorter and shorter intervals. Thus, many insurance companies are working on implementing workflow management platforms in order to automate their business processes.

The automation of business processes has been an important topic in the financial services industry since the 1990s and is generally described by the term Straight-Through-Processing (STP). While the different types of transactions (e.g. bank transfer transactions) have continuously required manual processing in the past, the integrated automation of processes has made considerable progress in this regard. STP enables same-day processing and completion of monetary or security transactions.

Workflow Management is a powerful resource for enabling STP in an SAP environment by automating and continuously improving business processes, optimizing process steps and reducing cycle times. It forwards the right information at the right time to the right people and provides the simple, fast exchange of information needed for today’s e-business processes.

In addition, it supplies performance metrics with which to monitor and benchmark internal processes.

Benefits of Workflow Management

  • Eliminates manual process steps and reduces cycle time
  • Provides the simple, fast exchange of information you need for e-business processes and cuts down paperwork
  • Distributes work according to business rules and ensures predictable handling of tasks
  • Ensures a smooth flow of information throughout the organization
  • Supplies performance metrics for continuous process improvement and simplifies status tracking
  • Ensures the consistency of your business processes
  • Actively monitors deadlines and permits exception handling
  • Integrates and synchronizes cross-application processes
  • Drives business applications

The Competence Center Workflow Management successfully supports customer projects through competent process consulting and the realization of STP scenarios based on, e.g. SAP Business Process Management or SAP Workflow Management.

Our experienced consultants provide comprehensive
expertise in:

  • Process analysis and design
  • Realization of workflow-supported platforms for automating business processes
  • Integration of existing applications and systems
  • Adherence to general legal requirements (e.g. Solvency II)

Within the Competence Center Workflow Management msg global solutions offers a combination of skills unique to the market, a combination of Insurance know-how, process competence, and realization competence in the field of workflow management.