msg globals

SAP Insurance Analyzer

msg global delivers with SAP Insurance Analyzer a software and predefined business content for the external accounting of insurance products and acts as a subledger to feed General Ledger and Business Warehouse systems with its results. It includes newest accounting developments like IFRS 4 Phase 2 and IFRS 9. Via regular business content updates, future changes of these standards will be reflected.

The Solution is based on SAP FS-APPL® and thus gains from the mature and mass data compliant Integrated Finance&Risk Architecture platform (IFRA), which is used already by 100+ banks of all sizes including Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, National Australian Bank, etc.

The Solution can be integrated with SAP and non-SAP in-force systems and can be reconciled throughout the whole customer system landscape. 

The solution contains also a Reconciliation Solution that assures quantitatively and qualitatively accuracy of data delivery between components of the whole insurance system landscape. Therefore you can assure, that

  1. Quantitative: All data which was sent out by one component was completely received by another by comparing totals, counters, etc. on both sides.

  2. Qualitative: No unwanted changes in between about the content of data happened by comparing on the sender and the receiver side relevant characteristics, amounts, etc.

To ensure the Data Load the Solution delivers software and predefined business content for the connection of SAP systems like FS-PM, FS-CM and FS-CD as well as a flexible and fast layer for the easy connection of non-SAP policy, claims, collections, Business Partner and Actuarial systems.

It deals with all the strict requirements of the underlying SAP FS-APPL® platform like:

•    Unification
•    Two dimensional versioning
•    Creation of operational events where needed
•    Separation of master and flow data
•    Avoidance of unnecessary master data updates
•    Processing of necessary data enrichments
•    Parallel processing for mass data

It can be used with SAP's own Schedule Manager as well as other orchestration and ETL tools like UC4, PEGA, etc.