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A key pillar in the Insurance Industry

Health/Medical Insurance an insurance against the risk of incurring medical expenses among individuals or groups is rapidly gaining significance within the insurance industry as well as national governments. However coupled with this positive trend is the need for tailored and well-structured business management systems to ensure both quality and efficient delivery of the required services.  


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Optimize your health insurance business with msg global solutions

Consulting and IT solutions for the global health insurance market

Within the msg group we have a track record of customer satisfaction going back thirty years in developing customized software solutions and consultation services for organizational and functional projects, applying innovation as a long-term process involving foresight while keeping view of the big picture in a volatile insurance industry. Our business model integrates technology and expertise, two factors constantly converging into a holistic approach in an increasingly complex business environment. Our service portfolio ranges from creating entire management systems from scratch and updating existing systems to medical auditing right through to supporting new care management methods.

We at msg global have a wide network of partners supplying a set of solutions and technologies from specialized medical insurance auditing and case management to a highly sophisticated business rules engine used by some of the world's leading medical insurance businesses. Our portfolio of solutions at msg global includes:

•    Medical Risk and Care Management Solutions

•    Tailored Solutions for Health Insurance   

•    Health Insurance IT & Business Consulting



Health Insurance Risk Identification and Management Solutions to Specification


The ongoing process of automating and expediting medical auditing has become a key issue on the accident and health insurance market, with automatic processing now able to map major sections of formal and contextual auditing routines. Modern software assists, but does not replace, human specialists and experts towards consistently high-quality decisions in an increasingly complex settlement landscape; we supply one of the most comprehensive, technologically developed and seasoned solutions available to this end. The long-term future will see increasing demand for highly specialised analysis based on sound medical knowledge in identifying special groups of insured persons, revenue enhancement and disbursement control, as already witnessed by the investment some health insurance companies have already made in systems developed in-house. 


InnoCare: InnoCare provides effective case control in case and disease management; the solution is designed to avoid cross-sectional treatment breaks and controlling errors as well as overprovision and underprovision while giving case managers targeted support in guideline-based case control. The system supports manual case and order creation as well as automatic generation as required according to indication group by referring to a comprehensive medical and formal, configurable system of rules. InnoCare can also intelligently aggregate and summarize policy-holder data and benefit cases from various sectors into a comprehensive overall picture. The solution and has been designed for the health and accident insurance markets, and can be deployed to cover the entire range of healthcare management including managed care, discharge management, post-hospital curative treatment/rehab, and disease management and prevention.

InnoAnalyzer provides new cross-sectional perspectives based on medical expertise and accounts for control-relevant data constellations, specifically targeting health insurance companies with in-depth evaluation and analysis of stored data to determine risk structure compensation based on morbidity risk.
InnoAnalyzer is a complete modular system consisting of a database layer with attached definitions, various aggregation and calculation components, and a business intelligence solution in a modular design to allow simple and flexible component deployment.
InnoAnalyzer may be deployed either as a complete solution, a pattern, or a modular system depending on client scale and technology in an ideal integrated solution to specification designed in close consultation with you as our client.

KOLUMBUS DRG is a system for auditing medical services in somatic in-patient hospital treatment as well as DRG specialist departments with case-based lump-sum account auditing to formal and contextual criteria. The application already includes a standard rule set, but also supports easy addition of individual rules and auditing routines using a rule editor.



Health Insurance IT & Business Consulting

Specialized Risk Identification and Management Solutions for your Health Insurance Business

Technology and Operations: We at msg global provide solutions are trusted by leading insurance companies worldwide with the delivery of complete project management from inception, implementation as post implementation support.
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Business Process and Methodology: Our business process management approach and methodology bridges the gap between business operations and information technology using state of the art workflow management tools across the 4 key phases of the BPM lifecycle.
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Product & Actuarial Consulting: Within health insurance, our highly experienced actuarial consultants are available to help our clients in developing short and long-term-care insurance policies that will ensure that premiums are assessed fairly based on the risk to the company.
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