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ABAP: SAP's language of the past – and still the language of the future

What is ABAP? Currently it's abbreviation means Advance Business Application Programming but did you know that originally it was called "Generic Report Preparation Processor" or in German Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor.

With ABAP as the base development language used to create application in SAP R/3(Clent-Server) up to now, it is still known as the key player in terms of development in providing SAP development support even though in the early 90's SAP introduced the concept of OOP(Object-Oriented Programming).

Leverage with msg global

With tight competition in terms of providing ABAP support to SAP customers, msg global still manages to stay on top by having a team of ABAP consultants which are highly knowledgeable in ABAP concepts and are continuously learning new ABAP programming techniques.

To ensure the customers that they are provided with quality ABAP work, our team makes constant updates by having team orientation, discussing new technologies and to share technical knowledge that would benefit both consultant and their customers.

In terms of providing ABAP support to customers, msg global is also well known in delivering requirements in a fast manner without sacrificing the quality of work.

Some of the customers comment:

Dear Cristina

thanks, at this stage we can declare the project completed (at least for what concerning developments)

next week I hope to make final deployment

some test have been already done in RETPRO. it seems to be all OK.

Bally, Switzerland

"Dear Prince!

How are you? Here in Männedorf we are working with your tool
And are happy with it without any problems...

Best regards"

Current ABAP development services that msg global offers:

Simple to Complex custom ABAP application

  • ABAP List to ALV reports development
  • Dialog/Screen programming

SAP Standard business enhancement through user-exit implementation:

  • Business Transaction Events
  • Customer Exits
  • SAP Enhancements
  • BADI(Business Add-In)

Code modification and optimization

Forms Development

  • SAPScript
  • 24/7 Support

Code review on existing customized reports and applications for optimized SAP operations

Our msg global software engineering team helps you review and evaluate your existing custom reports and applications while identifying chokepoints in the program flow and areas for improvement.

We also provide performance tuning and code optimization to minimize report and application execution time and maximize data processing efficiency.

Development activities using SAP best practices

Development services
We at msg global will support you with all of your development needs, from requirements analysis to custom development to acceptance.

We follow SAP best practices in developing and delivering solutions to ensure cost-effective operations running at optimal levels to save resources (server and network), increase end-user productivity, and scalability to minimize or even eliminate the need for change as your business expands.

Our services include:
•    Development analysis of requirements
•    Custom application development
•    Review and optimization of existing SAP development applications

Since msg global began, every development consultant has been trained to follow SAP best practice to ensure 100% quality solutions. We make sure that all of our consultants have also worked independently with basic functional skills not limited to SAP Core Modules (sales and distribution, materials management and financial services) to augment their development skills.

Customizing SAP standard applications

SAP standard transactions can be modified with enhancements; we at msg global help enhance SAP standard applications by customizing them to your needs. Our software engineers using approaches including, but not limited to:

•    User/customer exits
•    Business add-ins (BADIs)
•    Business transaction events (BTEs)
•    Implicit and explicit enhancements
•    Validation and substitution rules