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Why care about customer relationship management?

Insurance companies always used to see themselves as partners accompanying their customers through those difficult timed in life, and the signed policy as the beginning of a life-long relationship. This traditional picture is changing, with:

  • Decreasing stability in the insurance business
  • Increasing volatility amongst customers
  • Waning attractiveness of bundled products and packages

These developments have prompted insurance companies towards increasing their focus on end customers, a process that urgently calls for highly sophisticated CRM solutions. On the other hand, insurance companies face the following needs:

  • 360 degree view of customers, agents and intermediaries
  • Full distribution channel and back-end system integration
  • Support of all contact methods (face-to-face, phone, mail, chat, etc)
  • Automatic and manual control in end-to-end processes
  • Mobile sales and customer service solutions
  • Flexible management solutions for future requests

Fully integrated information systems – CRM solutions – are essential to customer relations management, as you need to consolidate the wealth of customer-related information and synchronize all of your communication channels to gain a holistic picture of each customer – one face of the customer – and develop an individual sales approach – one face to the customer.

We are experienced partners in implementing SAP CRM in existing insurance landscapes, but CRM is much more than software – CRM is a completely new strategic approach centered on each and every customer.

A successful CRM strategy means reorienting working procedures and responsibilities towards the customer, a process that we at msg-global solution will support you in.


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