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Authorization services to handle threats to SAP system implementation, integration and maintenance

Internal and external threats to the system present a daily concern for companies; msg global provides a wide range of authorization services for your SAP system – in implementation, integration and maintenance.

Our experienced security consultants at msg global provide support and consulting services for SAP landscapes and heterogeneous infrastructures alike. We provide the following services to help you secure your system and comply with security guidelines:


Rest assured, your system is in good hands at msg global.


Data protection, fraud prevention and segregation of duties

Security is an essential aspect in any SAP implementation; a secure and robust authorization structure keeps you in control as to who has access to your system, protecting your data, preventing fraud and helping with segregation of duties.

We at msg global have expertise in implementing SAP authorizations for different SAP releases such as R/3, ECC, and Netweaver that encompass a large number of business and enterprise solutions in fields such as banking, insurance, oil and gas, manufacturing, business intelligence, and human resource management.

The msg global SAP Security Implementation Process:


We will work closely with you from planning to going live, keeping every area covered in SAP security and its impact on business, third-party applications, compliance with regulations such as SOX, and audit compliance.


Authorization improvement in SAP systems

Improving and optimizing authorization structures is a need that is sometimes neglected, often resulting in users with more access than needed, misaligned segregation of duties, frequent audit qualifications and increased security risks. We at msg global provide authorization optimization services for SAP systems.

We at msg global will help you optimize your current authorization structure; improving your current security set-up will ensure a correct structure compliant with business processes, organizational structure and segregation of duties. More secure authorization will give you the assurance that you are protected at the highest security standard that SAP offers. We will also review your current authorization setup for compliance with best practices and help minimize audit issues to keep your company protected now and in the future.

Our services:

Review and analysis:

  • Review current technical authorizations and propose limits on transactions that may compromise operations, data integrity or system stability
  • Audit review, close audit findings from internal and external auditors
  • Analysis of your current authorization matrix with regard to your organization structure
  • Revisions for your authorization matrix and implementation


  • Improvement in security guidelines and processes
  • Improvement in your authorization matrix
  • Development of tools to help in audit reporting, user management, and role management
  • Implementation of a CUA environment

Keeping the company secure with SAP security support and maintenance

Companies require SAP security support and maintenance on a daily basis; msg global offers onsite and remote services by highly skilled consultants to meet the needs and challenges of maintaining a company's security.

Our highly skilled security consultants at msg global ensure SAP protection in your company at all times; we provide the following Authorization Support services.

•    Daily maintenance support
•    User and role administration
•    Maintenance of authorization concept
•    Troubleshooting
•    Monitoring and auditing
•    Post-implementation support

We also offer a 24/7 support model to give you that assurance at any time of day or night, any day of the week, with urgent troubleshooting support outside business hours to minimize the risk of business disruption