msg globals

SAP FS-RI is compliant to the ACORD Standard with msg.XDI

msg.XDI is a maintained msg product that supports electronic data exchange between the SAP Reinsurance Solution and other primary, broker and reinsurance software applications based on the standardized ACORD messaging structure.

The ACORD Standard is used for message exchange from primary insurers, brokers and reinsurers, and for communication with subscription markets.

Besides supporting message exchange between external companies, msg.XDI also assists in standardization within a company group.

This module will help you to:

  • Reduce implementation and maintenance costs with a common messaging infrastructure for both internal application interfaces and data transmissions to and from external business partners; msg.XDI will be upgraded to keep in step with future versions of SAP Reinsurance Solution.
  • Enhance operational efficiency by initiating selected business processes within the SAP Reinsurance Solution emulating user data entry.
  • Ensure industry compliance by generating and receiving messages compliant with ACORD, the internationally accepted standard.