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Why care about incentive and commission management?

Insurance companies use various distribution channels to sell their products; incentives and commissions provide a powerful way of boosting their effectiveness, but a variety of different requirements need to be met to achieve this:

  • License and permission management for brokers and intermediaries
  • Easy target, agreement and commission maintenance for group and individual contracts
  • Short time-to-market for new products and distribution channels
  • Complex commission calculation and automatic payment
  • Complex liability and entitlement handling

In many cases, IT departments do not support key requirements, or the solutions available depend on various policy systems. We recommend SAP FS-ICM for incentive and commission management, a solution already implemented in twenty-five branches and a huge number of insurance companies.

FS-ICM gives you:

  • Distribution channel support
  • Partner and contract maintenance
  • Sales force management
  • Rule-based incentives and commissions
  • Calculation target agreement management
  • Closure and settlement
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Portfolio assignment and transfer
  • Credential management

Many companies have already selected us as their preferred partner with our experience in more than fourteen implementations worldwide.


  • ICM for Insurance
  • ICM for non-Insurance
  • Broker Manager
  • End-User Training
  • Customizing Training