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SAP FS-RI is a perfect reinsurance platform for insurance groups

A number of factors determine how a reinsurance management strategy within insurance groups may be defined.

The group reinsurer mission and role might vary from advising group operating entities (OEs) with soft guidelines to being the only obligatory first-choice reinsurer for all OEs. Given this range of possibilities, adapting each software item involved to cover the processes as necessary can pose a challenge, and FS-RI is the ideal solution for insurance groups aiming at an effective and flexible solution. FS-RI can be used in a single instance, or installation, as a centralized solution for both the group reinsurer and all feeding OEs in insurance group scenarios, or in separate instances at OEs requiring an independent IT environment. The msg.XDI module is the ideal component for these latter situations, as it supports a sound, standard way of passing info. 

In implementation projects, we at msg global have proven experience in supporting customers in architecture design towards an optimal solution architecture covering the whole range of business needs in a large group.