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MyMile from msg global solutions is an SAP-certified mobile app

Usage-based insurance using smartphone technology saves insurers up to 50% on telematics infrastructure costs

Zurich, Switzerland, 12 November 2013 — msg global solutions, a Zurich-based IT consulting and services firm, today announced its MyMile solution is an SAP-certified mobile app. The mobile app provides efficiencies to insurers who offer or wish to offer usage-based-insurance programs, such as pay-as-you-drive, by eliminating the need for installed units and data transmission charges. The certification by SAP (NYSE: SAP) helps ensure that the MyMile mobile app integrates with applications in the SAP for Insurance solution portfolio.

The SAP® Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that msg.MyMile - Insurance Telematics 1.10 integrates with Sybase® Unwired Platform 2.1.

Until now, usage-based insurance meant a big investment for insurers. Existing progams use high-price on-board units, fixed to the car, to collect information about driving behavior. MyMile changes the current industry model by delivering cost efficiencies to insurers and policy holders and utilizing smartphone technology. Insurers who are using the sophisticated and robust mobile platform offered by SAP can now more easily offer rewards and discounts to auto insurance policy holders, with the MyMile mobile app integrating with SAP for Insurance solutions on the back end. MyMile records and evaluates the driving behavior of a policy holder, allowing the insurer to use a new rating approach.

Sven Roehl, managing director and lead mobility expert with msg global solutions notes, “In the past year we’ve not only had this application certified by SAP, but also presented it to the insurance community. The excitement regarding the potential cost savings from this app and the industry enthusiasm to quickly deliver mobile apps to consumers are great indicators of future success for MyMile.”

Bernhard Lang, CEO for msg global solutions, shares, “This represents another step in our development of tools for insurers, especially insurers running SAP for Insurance solutions. We remain committed to providing tools to insurers for needs ranging from managing regulatory compliance to customer-facing mobile applications.” 

MyMile runs on Sybase Unwired Platform, which is now available as part of SAP Mobile Platform. MyMile is currently available for iPhone. A version of the application for Android is planned for release soon. Location services, such as allowed speed or road type, are provided by HERE, formerly known as Nokia/Navteq maps. HERE partnered in the development with msg global solutions to create MyMile.

A demonstration of the application can be accessed via the Apple iTunes store by searching on MyMile –Usage-Based Insurance. SAP Store also describes the features and functions of the product and offers access to the free iPhone application demo.

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