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GLOOOBAL Partnership Leverages SAP HANA for Fraud Management

Insurers will have unprecedented ability to perform rapid analysis of Big Data in Claims Management to quickly and efficiently identify fraud using advances in-memory computing.

10 January, 2014 - Today we announce a partnership with GLOOOBAL, a Heidelberg, Germany-based consulting firm specializing in SAP HANA and fraud management. Together, msg global solutions and GLOOOBAL will serve the insurance market with expertise in software, hardware and business consulting to detect and identify fraud with greater efficiency and accuracy. 

GLOOOBAL brings a unique approach to fraud management by making standard content available to enhance and accelerate the decision making process within the SAP Fraud Management (SAP-FM) module.

GLOOOBAL has also developed add-ons to the SAP-FM module to increase flexibility and reduce costs for fraud management projects.  Facet Builder is a tool that allows for the development of feature-rich facets, which are technically alert-type specific user interfaces allowing the investigator to make preliminary decisions for prioritization.  While developing rich facets can be expensive, the Facet Builder tool reduces the time to build facets by a factor of 4-10 and with better results. 

Bernhard Lang, CEO for msg global solutions comments, “We advise clients on fraud management on a regular basis. Through the GLOOOBAL partnership, we can now show clients how to take measures against fraud that are automatic, comprehensive and efficient from a time and cost standpoint.”

Download the full press release. 


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